Lakshmi Devi (40) worked in the fields to supplement the family income; harvesting rice and wheat that she sold at the local market. Though earnings were meager, the job was sufficient at that time.  

The unexpected death of her husband suddenly changed everything.

She found herself alone with 4 children and no income. In addition to the emotional distress, she was overwhelmed with financial problems including outstanding loans from her first daughter’s wedding, rent for her house, food for the family and school costs for the 3 other small children.  Her job was not enough to support them all.

She was encouraged to learn the craft of banana fiber weaving. Determined to stand on her own two feet, she quickly learnt the skills essential to handle the craft.

With her new skills and resolve, Lakshmi began to enjoy the flexibility of work that allowed her to care for her children and provide for them the basic needs.

Her life has transformed from one of desperation to that of financial independence. Lakshmi Devi’s story is one of resilience and determination.

Earthredz is privileged to be a part of her journey.