Earthredz, (earth-threads) started out as chats over coffee and chai reminiscing over our travels. These meetings evolved into detailed planning sessions preparing to launch a small business that would tie together our backgrounds in fashion design, interior design and business management, with our passions for travel, textiles and social outreach.

By focusing on designs incorporating banana fiber, that has been used over the centuries in many cultures across the globe, we have found a versatile material that is both culturally universal and environmentally sustainable. Most importantly, our explorations of banana fiber while working in Karnataka, India, brought us close to the women who inspired Project Loom, our social outreach program that is the soul of the Earthredz collection.

In November of 2014 we donated a loom to increase their production and income as a starter for our goal to improve the quality of life for the women artisans and their families. (To know more, please visit our Outreach page)

Our core intention grows even stronger to make the business a success by connecting common threads across cultural boundaries and in hopes that greater knowledge will bring greater understanding.

These are sincere steps towards creating a little happiness and change for the better.